Ferrari Agreement/Contract Document Champion Spark Plug Company – Internal Document – 1951


Official Ferrari document with the (concept) agreement/contract between Ferrari and the Champion Spark Plug Company.
3 pages containing agreement for the cooperation with Champion for the use of their Spark Plugs in the next racing season. An interesting document from 1951. The document contains interesting negotiating points, information on the drivers for next season (Ascari, Villerosi, Taruffi) and information on prize premiums etc.
The document contains a small signature/initials on every page comparable to the F from the signature from Enzo Ferrari and most probably his initial for approval. The document also comes with 2 drafts, which contains some information that was left out or changed in the official concept version.
The official documents are marked below the page with the inscription; Mod. 15. 2-5-51 – 2000

In the agreement it can be read that Champion will supply its Spark Plugs to Ferrari but will be free to advertise with this cooperation. An official advertisement from Ferrari and the Spark Plug Company from 1952 is therefore included.

This lot contains 3 pages official marked concept contract/agreement, 2 drafts, 1 advertisement.

A nice official internal document and great collectors piece from 1951.
This document may not be the complete document as how it was supposed to be in 1951.

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