Ferrari Brown Leather Style Sample Swatch, Colour Range – Dealership Brochure


Ferrari Brown Leather Styles Sample Swatch.

The leather range contains 9 different sample styles suitable for a lot Ferrari models from approx. the 2010’s up to today.
These sample charts were officially made by Ferrari for dealerships and represent true samples with interior colors and styles.
Contains the following samples:
-Terra Bruciata Matt
-Terra Bruciata Maculato Opaco
-Terra Bruciata Grana Grossa
-Terra Bruciata Sporcato
-Iroko Matt
-Iroko Maculato Opaco
-Iroko Sporcato
-Iroko Grana Grossa
-Cioccolato STD

In a good condition.
This item would be a great collectors piece when owning a Ferrari with one of the interior styles from the sample and of value for restoration purposes.
Sample size: 10 x 10 cm

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