Ferrari Nurburgring 1000 km 1957 Vintage Agfa Photographs – Ferrari 315S Hawthorn/Trintignant – Maserati, Aston Martin


On the two lower photos we see a widescreen overview of the truck parking with trucks from i.e. Ferrari, Porsche and Maserati and several other racing team trucks.

The other photo represents a snapshot from the race showing from left to right;
# 15 Aston Martin DB3S driven by Peter and Graham Whitehead
# 2 Maserati 450S driven by H.Schnell, Juan Manual Fangio and Striling Moss
# 6 Ferrari 315S driven by Mike Hawthorn and Maurice Trintignant (finished 3rd)

Original photographs from the late 1950’s. Agfa Brovira paper.
10 x 7 cm

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